About US Property Group

US Property Group is a real estate solutions company that started buying homes in 2015.  We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of home owners in all types of situations. We are much more than just a cash sale with a quick close.  We ask questions and listen to homeowners to fully understand their wants & needs. Once we understand their situation we construct an offer that best meets those needs. 

We are a business but our true satisfaction comes from making a positive difference in peoples lives.  Like you, members of our team have families, children, and we are involved in our communities and attend a local church

 What We Offer

  • We are experienced in buying homes in all types of situations:
    • Homes that need repairs, Inherited homes, Homes in Probate, Homes with liens (tax liens, HOA liens, IRS liens), Homes where sellers are behind on payments, Homes in Pre-foreclosure, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Homes with back taxes owed, Homes with non-paying tenants, Landlords looking to cash out, Homes with code violations, Vacant homes, Divorce situations, or homes with sellers who simply don’t want to deal with showings or open houses.
  • Our experience allows us to navigate the sale through all of the situations listed above so you can sell with ease & confidence
  • We offer the industries strongest offers with no showings and no open houses
  • Need help moving – we can help with a moving truck and movers
  • Don’t want to deal with cleaning out the home – we can take care of it
  • Want to sell and rent back? We can do that too.

Our Promise To You

Our commitment is to treat you with professionalism, respect, transparency and empathy.  We believe in the Golden Rule, treat people like you would like to be treated.  It would be a privilege to work with you and an honor to earn your trust.

        Paul William


Give us a call, we’d love to show you how we can help : )

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